Secrets of linen

Our story

The family company Jos Vanneste nv is currently run by the fourth generation of Vannestes.

Alex is running the family linen business which is internationally renowned for the production of cottonised flax fiber, flax tops, the distribution of long and short staple flax and sells various counts of 100% linen yarn.

Jos Vanneste nv has been cooperating for over more than 70 years with many spinners worldwide through a wide network of agents and distributors. 

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Website Jos Vanneste

Secrets of Linen

With a focus on nature and natural resources we produce 100% linen rugs and occasionally blend linen with wool.  All our rugs are made to measure which gives us the opportunity to create something unique and personal. 

We are proud to promote and share our love for a 100% natural, sustainable and high-quality product that tells a story and enriches your interior. 

100% Linen

Our passion is 100% Linen!

Secrets of Linen is a company with a rich history and background in the linen industry. With decades of knowledge and experience, we source only the best qualities of wet spun linen yarns for the production of our rugs. 

A 100% linen rug by Secrets of Linen will spread health into your home. The rug won’t shed, and the linen yarn secures its long-lasting durability and fantastic sheen.


Made in Belgium

All our rugs are hand-crafted: “Made in Belgium” following traditional know-how. 

We carry the European Flax excellence label, meaning that we only use linen yarn which originates from flax cultivated in Europe. 



Linen is a 100% natural product which has been processed manually into a rug, meaning that irregularities of color and finishing may occur, this is part our products identity and is a sign of quality and craftsmanship, making every Secrets of Linen rug unique.   

Our mission
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