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Bring Back Linen #wearelinen

Since the beginning of time linen has been known as a gentle gift of nature.

This ancient textile resource has very specific and unique properties such as: soft touch, rich color absorption, long lasting durability, sustainable and eco-responsible. 

Our European linen has known some rough times with the rise of the man-made fibers, but it is making its comeback.

Our mission is to bring back linen! 

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Secrets of Linen rugs are completely custom made, tailored to your interior needs. Our rugs will spread health and comfort through your home, they are non-allergenic and anti-bacterial. 

Compared to synthetic alternatives linen rugs are strong and durable. The fibers won’t break when used more, on the contrary, the more you use the rug the softer it will become. No other fiber can offer this blend of luxury, durability, comfort and supreme elegance. 


- J’aime le Lin - 

Our passion is 100% Linen, made to measure

Laura, Secrets of Linen

100% Belgian

Flax is one of the few textiles crops still produced in Western-Europe. The climatic conditions in those regions are perfect for growing flax. The entire Secrets of Linen production happens locally. Our linen comes from European regions such as Belgium, France and the Netherlands and is completely traceable. There is no better place to produce such a beautiful, natural product then in the region where it all began. 


Buying locally grown and produced products protects our heritage, contributes to our economy and lowers our environmental impact. 


Working Towards a More Sustainable World

Flax is inherently ecological and requires no irrigation and very little chemical treatment. Every part of the plant has value, eliminating any waste. 

Flax is biodegradable and completely recyclable. On the contrary to all other man-made fibers, both artificial and synthetic, the flax fiber production process is exclusively mechanical which means less pollution. 


We carry the “European Flax” label, meaning that we use 100% European linen, which is produced sustainably with respect for the environment. 

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