Secrets of linen


Our most sustainable non treated rug

Our Ecoline rugs are made with 100% non-treated linen yarn. The yarns used are either bleached/white or ecru, which is the natural color of linen. Combining these two natural colors we achieve a breathtaking and relaxing rug. With our Ecoline quality we create our most sustainable non treated rugs.


Because this is a pure and natural product variation in color may occur. The color of our Ecoline collection may be lighter or darker depending on the flax harvest of that year. To obtain the color of your preference we advise you to contact us, in order to receive the current color samples. 


Our Lino rugs are made out of 100% linen yarn, which has been dyed into different colors. The high-quality dyed yarns will beautifully absorb all colors and light, in a way that brightens up your interior. The Lino quality is very strong and keeps its strength over the years, making this a very durable rug. 



Diamond is our most luxurious 100% linen quality. The hand tufted rugs from the Diamond collection are made with our finest linen yarns, making it surprisingly soft and giving it a silk-like look. The Diamond collection comes in different colors and height combinations. The dyed yarns will create a lovely shimmering effect. Giving your interior an extra luxurious touch.



The Antea collection offers you the best of both worlds. The yarn used for these rugs is a special and intimate combination of linen (70%) and wool (30%). 

With this type of yarn, we are able to create a unique rug that combines both the features of wool and linen. You get the softness and bulkiness from the wool, with the strength, durability and shine of linen. 

For our Antea collection we have developed a couple of unique, beautiful and soft colors which will perfectly complement your interior. 

Cut / Loop / Cut-loop

Our Loop/Cut-loop collection combines two textures. The first quality in this collection is the Loop which is a hand tufted bouclé rug with a modern texture that is ideal for areas subjected to heavy wear. The second, is the Cut-loop which combines the Cut and Loop pile in one rug. This results in a surprisingly colorful effect that is still elegant and “ton sur ton”. For both qualities we use the same type of yarn which is similar to the yarn used in our Lino collection. 

3D Tufting

Using the latest techniques in tufting enables us to create three dimensional patterns. The alternated pile heights provide “ton sur ton” contrast in a playful yet chic way. This custom technique can be used to create 100% linen rugs as well as linen/wool blended rugs.  


Custom Blend

At Secrets of Linen we like to play with colors and qualities. We are excited to create something unique, designed and tailored to your interior needs. We are able to put together colors and qualities to tap into a whole new color spectrum and offer a custom touch. By combining different linen qualities and adding wool we are able to create endless combinations.

Trimming and Finishing

All rugs are trimmed to match the requested pile height and finished with a backing of your choice

Secrets of Linen provides standard pile heights : 8mm - 10mm - 12mm - 16mm - 18mm - 28mm - 40mm

 - For customized pile heights, please contact us - 

We offer three alternatives for the backing of your Secrets of Linen rug: 

  • Linen Backing  : Biodegradable material and ideal for hardwood floors
  • Fabric Backing 
  • Latex Backing : 100% non-hazardous, anti-slip and ideal for tile floors


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